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There are five (5) circular patches incorporating a white star embroidery (2” diameter) with five (5) different background colors & one (1) rectangle MasterChef patch. According to the YCA color scheme, participants are awarded one (1) patch every two (2) months based on attendance and quiz score (keep in mind the 2-months do not need to be consecutive).


13th & 14th months completed = PINK star patch

15th & 16th months completed = YELLOW star patch

17th & 18th months completed = BLUE star patch

19th & 20th months completed = GREEN star patch

21st & 22nd months completed = PURPLE star patch

23rd & 24th months completed = MasterChef patch


The first 5 star patches are to be placed in order according to the YCA color scheme, down the left sleeve of the black chef jacket (elite member uniform). Once a participant completes their 24th month, they have successfully completed Level 2 and are awarded the 6th and final Level 2 MasterChef patch and a certificate of completion. The MasterChef rectangle patch is then placed on the right chest of the black jacket directly across from the logo on the left chest.

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